About Moments

Here at Moments Candles Co, we passionately believe in the power of the emotional connection between scents and the moments we experience throughout life. We have a simple mission to evoke emotions, inspire you to cherish the moments you experience and awaken your senses, feelings and wellbeing through our 100% natural fragrances for the mind, body and soul.

Helen McCue

Moments candles co. – Founder

Our story

Moments Candles Co was founded in 2016 by Helen in her tiny kitchen, inspired by her love for candles and home fragrance products.

These luxury home fragrance products are special. They have been designed to stimulate your senses and evoke feelings, moods and emotions connected to the ‘Moments’ we go through in our family life, relationships, business and so much more!

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A luxury candle business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs

Moments Candles Co has a vision to inspire individuals and businesses who love to share products and services they are passionate about. We want to attract fabulous people of different skillsets, so we can offer you the support that you deserve to launch your own successful candle business.

Sound like you?

Our values

  • We collaborate rather than compete with each other.
  • We offer the best support network and co-working locations.
  • We inspire, develop, support and lead by example.
  • We celebrate with incentives rather than targets.
  • We reward and recognise great service.

Our vision

At Moments Candles Co we create an abundance of exquisite scents to stimulate and awaken your senses whilst being kind to the environment.  It is our policy to make our candles with 100% natural ingredients. Our candles contain no paraffin, palm oil or nasty substances.

Using the finest ingredients combined with a technical edge,  our fragrance oils are carefully and uniquely blended to evoke your feelings and emotions. Moments products will always offer you therapeutic solutions to boost your energy and lift your mood.  Whilst relieving stress and encouraging you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Our mission is simple – To evoke your emotions,  inspiring you to experience and awaken your senses.  Whilst promoting wellbeing for the mind body and soul.  We offer a range of products to enhance your home, creating an atmosphere to aspire to.

Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

Our values

Deliver happiness – We want to delight and inspire our customers with all that we do..  We truly believe in the power of the emotional connection between scents and the moments we experience.  Our luxury scented candles are more than just a candle, they are extremely special and unique. Each scent being specifically designed to stimulate your senses and evoke feelings, moods and emotions connected to the ‘moments’ we experience in life.

Do the right thing – We are passionate about protecting your health and the environment. All of our products are eco-friendly and are created using a bespoke handmade process incorporating our secret formulas…..shhhh

Collaboration over competition – we strongly believe we can achieve more if we work together and encourage collaboration over competition.  Sharing ideas, creating a community through learning and support whilst celebrating the wins. Creating an environment that encourages us to all grow together.

Give the gift of moments

Memories are made of moments

Give the gift of choice with a Moments Candle Co gift voucher. The perfect way to remember a special occasion or thank that special someone. Allowing them to choose from our range of candles and Home Fragrance products selecting a scent with meaning for them.

Available in a selection of values the gift voucher is redeemable against all products on the website.

Each gift voucher purchase will be sent to the receiver beautifully packaged. You can include a personal message if desired.

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Scent your home and boost your wellbeing with 10% off your first order.

We can’t wait to share all our moments with you first… Please check your email for your gift to; Relax and enjoy your Moments

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